Well since I didn’t start blogging until the end of the year, reviewing 2012 should be fun! It’ll catch all of you up on my life (well, I’m sure Mom may be my only reader right now, so you already know everything, but still, I’d like to think people were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for my next update). Prepare yourself for a picture heavy post.

January–We didn’t start the year doing anything too exciting. But we did take Co to the zoo for the first time! Look how close the alligator got to him (crocodile? alligator? I’m not sure). He wasn’t scared at all. Not totally true, but he didn’t get scared for a few seconds!

February–My birthday month! I really don’t have very many pictures of February. It’s also my sister’s birthday month so we went out to breakfast once and here’s a picture of her and Co. I know, she’s gorgeous.

March–Three big things: Our church district’s ladies conference, Husband’s birthday, Hand Foot and Mouth disease. That last one could be a whole separate blog post. Let’s just say, we were miserable because all three of us got it and my word, it’s painful. Fever, chills, sore throats, sore mouths, sore hands, sore feet. Yuck. Hopefully, that will never happen here again! The picture below is of me and my momma at the conference. I figured you wouldn’t want to see a picture of the HFM lol.

 April–Co’s first birthday (April Fool’s Day Baby)! We did a Super Hero theme and it was so much fun.
 May–Four year wedding anniversary! Husband and I went to Fort Worth and had a nice little getaway.
June–My sister got married! We had a lot of family in town and it was a gorgeous day. I don’t have an actual wedding picture, but here’s one of her doing our niece’s hair. ((In the middle was my old blog, I just didn’t feel like taking the text off haha).
July–After my sister left for her honeymooon, my brother and sister-in-law stayed awhile longer with their kids. We went to SeaWorld, a soccer game, hung out, and just had fun!
 August–We found out we were pregnant again. This month wasn’t too eventful, other than the pregnancy, but here’s a sweet picture of Husband and Co that month playing outside.
 September–Boring month! But we had a zoo membership so we went with Nana (my mom). Here they are checking out the flamingos.
 October–This was a hard month. We found out we lost the baby and two weeks later I had the miscarriage. It was a traumatic miscarriage that landed me in the ER, but you can read that story on my old blog on the sidebar. It was also my dad’s birthday and Halloween! Yes, he dressed like a homeless guy. I found the costume and Pinterest and made the whole thing for $2. Pretty proud of that price. Plus, Co was a HUGE hit.
 November–My sister-in-law and niece and nephew from Hawaii came to visit. We went to see Husband’s family for Thanksgiving! Co played with more cousins and had too much fun.

December–Not sure how the year will end, but we did go to our church Christmas banquet so far and that was fun. I love dressing up and being with my family!
I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for us!!



Today is my first day posting on this blog.

I wish I had something amazing to kick off my new blog, but I don’t.

Today I went to the Apple store to get my phone fixed but I can’t get an appointment until tomorrow.

Exciting, right?

Haha, I know it isn’t. But there’s no pressure, because as of right now, I have no readers. Not a single one, so really, I can ramble without any pressure.

Husband wanted me to start a new food blog (yes, I used to blog about food all of the time) but I don’t know that I want to write about only food. I kept blogs about both of my pregnancies (one for Co and one for our recent loss). But I don’t really want all of these blogs to keep up with, so I figured I’d start another one and just keep everything here. Food, future pregnancies, photography, and daily adventures.

So here I go again…a new blog with a somewhat new focus: life.

And for now, I’ll end this post with a picture of Co. Because really, he’s just too cute not to post a picture.